Another chapter in the Upstaged series is released today…! This is part of a series of mini dramas set on the opening night of an Am Dram company’s new play! This features the bits the audience doesn’t normally see (or in this case hear as it’s an audio drama).

The next chapter in the Upstaged series is now released and available to listen to on all Podcast sites, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.

This chapter concerns the visit to Frank by a solicitor with some unwelcome and disturbing news concerning one of Frank’s previous liaisons. How Frank deals with this will set the tone for the remaining chapters of his life. In this episode, Frank is played by Joe Thomas, Jackson is played by Robert Wilson, Karen by Karen Macquarrie and Mary by Hannah Studd. This chapter was written by Joe Thomas and Andy Harris. Hear LEGAL DRAMA here.

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